ALL OF MONTANA GOLD MAPS - $199.00   (OVER 3,700 GOLD SITES. A set of 10 gold map areas of the state which includes 25 gold maps. A 40% discount over buying all of the Gold maps individually.) A Great Gift.


BILLINGS - $29.99    (91 Gold sites with detailed gold mapping shown around the Red Lodge Area.)


BOZEMAN VICINITY GOLD MAPS - $34.99    (489 Gold sites shown. Site is located just north of Yellowstone National Park. This gold map covers a large area ranging from Gardiner to Bozeman to Ennis. The old mining towns of Virgina City and Nevada City are shown near Ennis on HWY 287. Detailed mapping is shown around Gardiner, Bozeman and Ennis.)

BUTTE GOLD MAPS - $29.99      (956 Gold sites. This is the motherlode area for Montana. More Gold mines and Gold placer deposit sites than any other area. In depth mapping for this area.)

DILLON / SALMON GOLD MAPS - $29.99     (363 Gold sites. Features in depth mapping that ranges from Dillon to Salmon, Idaho)

HELENA / MISSOULA GOLD MAPS - $34.99     (559 gold sites. In depth gold mapping ranging from Helena to Missoula. There are several old Gold mining towns shown on these maps which includes Bearmouth, Beartown, Springtown, Reynolds City, Coloma and Garnet.)

HELENA / HELENA EAST - $29.99     (472 gold sites. Covers the gold fields around Helena)

HELENA - $14.99     (361 gold sites.)

KALISPELL - $34.99   (118 Gold sites. Many Gold Prospecting Clubs have active claimed areas for their members around Libby. )    POPULAR GOLD MAP.

LEWISTOWN - $29.99    (105 Gold sites. Detailed mapping around Lewistown and Zortman areas)

PHILIPSBURG / WISDOM GOLD MAPS - $29.99     (396 Gold sites. In depth mapping around Philipsburg and Wisdom.)

WALLACE VICINITY GOLD MAPS - $34.99   (386 Gold sites. Covers the area from Plains to Thompson Falls, Montana, to Wallace, Idaho.)

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS VICINTY GOLD MAPS - $34.99    (432 Gold sites. Map coverage ranges from White Sulphur Springs to East Helena to Townsend.)

Gold maps will be mailed via USPS

In depth mapping or detailed mapping shows the gold map with gold sites plotted on USGS quadrangle maps at a scale of 1:100,000 or about 1"=1.6 miles. Sections, Townships and Ranges are shown.

All gold maps are full color 24'' x 36'' in actual size. 


FOR MAIL ORDER:  Please send check or money order payable to H & H Engineering, P.O. BOX 781564, Orlando, Florida 32878. Be sure to include the Shipping and Hanlding price with the order. Gold maps will be sent via US mail after we receive the check.      








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